APPLY FOR WARRIOR WEEK PLUS (a virtual experience)


Hear From a Number of Past Graduates of Warrior Week Plus

“It’s only when you talk about the truth that you can really see the damage all the lies have done.”

–Nicholas Hooge

“Throughout the entire experience, I got to talk to men who were struggling with the same issues that I was struggling with.” 

–Christian Aguirre

“I’m not a religious or spiritual man, but there were more magical things that happened, that I can no longer deny the presence of God in my life.”

–Nick Aalerud

“This challenge has been the most intense I’ve ever faced in my whole life. Thank you to Coach Sam for guiding me through that outstanding experience.”

–Severin Federhen

“This experience changes you, it exposes you. It has given me the answer to the biggest question that I have about myself, “Who am I?” And… the Voice answered me.”

–Renato Vrdoljak

“It’s not so much about getting to the goal, it’s about making the most of and enjoying the journey. If you’re looking for guidance along this journey, I would look into Virtual Warrior Week. It’s definitely worth it.”

–Sebastian Thalhammer

“The virtual event with Coach Sam and Coach Garrett is second to none. It was the first virtual event of its kind that I’ve ever attended, and I was blown away by how impactful and transformative it was for me.”

–Kevin Ward

“It’s the most transformational, powerful experience I’ve ever had. It will change your life. It changed mine, and I’m a sixty-seven-year-old guy who’s ready to go kick ass!”

—John Goyak

“My experience with Warrior Week showed me the one thing that’s been getting in my way, every single time. Not only did it expose that, but it also taught me how to go beyond it, and how to change that story.”

–Justin Guarini

“If I had to sum up in one word what I got from the Virtual Warrior Week experience, it would be power – MY power, for the first time in my life.”

–Tyler Firinaiu

“My marriage was at an all-time low, I had a difficult time connecting with my kids, and the same was true with my employees. The “have-it-all-lifestyle” was eluding me. This virtual experience transformed my life.”

–Brandon Matheson

“This is a truly transformational experience. There were some issue with my life that were leaving me unsatisfied, and unfulfilled…those gaps have been filled.”

–Charles Ivester

“Warrior Week was like nothing I’ve experienced in my professional life. It’s a living experience, it’s organic, it’s real, it’s deep. It will take you beyond your limit, and beyond what you thought was possible if you are honest and totally participate.”

— Len Izzo

“Wow! What an amazing experience! I’ve never been around a group of men where I could share what scares me, where I’m weak, what I’ve done wrong, what’s offended me, and have gotten nothing but support. If you get a chance, jump on this!

–Robert Crockett

“Virtual Warrior Week was amazing. The experience I had with the other men was pretty phenomenal! It definitely put a spark back in my eyes.”

–Jason Oliver

“The advancements across my marriage and spiritually really took center stage, which I wasn’t expecting. Being able to do the event virtually was actually a benefit because I was comfortable in my environment, which led to going deeper inside. It was phenomenal. I highly recommend it. Do it!”

–Eric Seibold

“The virtual experience changed everything! I went in questioning and doubting, and I came out on fire!”

–Ephram Jando

“It was totally life-changing for my family and me. My outlook on the entire fucking world has changed. If you’re on the fence and not sure what it’s going to do for you, you’re the fucking guy that really needs it …just like me.”

–Jeff Yeager

“What did I get out of my virtual experience with Coach Sam? I got clarity. He helps you set goals, but in the process, he helps you to also reverse-engineer the steps you’re going to have to take to reach those goals.”

–John Palmer

“Virtual Warrior Week was an amazing experience. You gain insights about yourself and the person that you want to become. The way that Coach Sam and Warrior set everything up allows for a deep connection between the different people involved.”

–Ryan Murray

“I was determined to go all-in and do all the fucking work. Some of that shit I did not want to do. Whenever something confronted my realities and my bullshit stories, I went through the process to the very end. That is where you find the light and power within you, and no one can take that away from you.”

–Daniel Barrera

“I could share things that I haven’t even been able to share with my closest friends – my concerns, questions, and insecurities. And then to have these men support me means the world to me.”

–Duane Snyder

“It was absolutely amazing. The level of production and the intimacy that you get with your brothers was absolutely phenomenal. Not only that, the content that was delivered absolutely changed my life.”

–Michael Chasan

“I had questions in my mind how the virtual experience was going to be pulled off compared to the in-person Warrior Week. But it was amazing. It was exactly what I needed and has awakened inside me the man that I’ve been hunting.”

—Christian Christiansen

“I was looking for a purpose in my life,  and a weekend later…I found my purpose. I never thought that this event would do that.”

—Jairo Gomez

“The Virtual Warrior Week experience was way more than anything I would have ever expected. It totally blew me away. It exposed things about my life that needed to be exposed and gave me a lot of power going forward.”

—Jason Jones

“If you allow yourself to open your heart and trust the process, you will not be the same person you are when you start compared to who you are when you end.”

—Mike Janssen

“Virtual Warrior Week definitely did not disappoint. Coach Sam guides you through the process, and you get to bond with these amazing men that help you through different processes. You realize you’re not alone.”

—Rob Sullivan

“For the past two years, I’ve been chasing down this better version of myself but was lost in the process. Warrior Week Plus allowed me to let go of some of the major foundational stories that I was telling myself. And since then, I have felt this incredible power inside of me.”

—Christian Rhode

“If you’re waiting for all the circumstances to calm down so that you can make changes in your life, you’re going to be waiting a long time. There’s no better time than now.”

–CPT Warrick Blandford